Trimming & Pruning

Our arborists will trim your trees for health and shape, ensuring years of shade and beauty. Pruning creates healthy and strong trees. We trim and prune to open up space, create clearance near structures and to avoid hazards. Not only does our crew provide tree cutting and stump removal through the Ogden and Layton area but, we also can help you with the health of your tree.

We have been trimming and pruning trees for years and know the best ways to shape your trees and bring out their beauty. Tree trimming and pruning is essential for tree health and beauty.

Types of trimming and pruning

Aesthetic Trimming & Pruning
Otherwise know as “shaping” or “vista pruning,” this type of trimming brings out the natural shape and beauty of your tree. Removing dead wood and overgrown branches can give your tree its original beautiful shape. Westrive to preserve the original shape intended for the tree based on the tree variety.

Crown Raising
This type of trimming removes excess branches and limbs near the base of the tree in order to provide clearance for buildings and people. By cutting limbs near the base, we are effectively raising the crown of the tree to a more manageable height.

Crown Dead & Diseased Wood Removal
Removing dead, diseased, or weaened wood gives your tree a new lease on life and strengthens its overall health. Removing dead limbs reduces maintenance and prevents dead wood from dropping in your yard. This type of trimming provides not only the best prevention against accidental injury from limbs but it also prevents buildup of dead limbs and debris in your yard.

Crown Thinning
Crown thinning goes a step further than removing dead and diseased wood. In addition to removing the damaged wood, our arborists can trim your trees to create anlight penetration and to create the feel of an open canopy. Crown thinning stimulates growth and makes a tree less vulnerable to wind storms since wind can more easily pass through it. Tree trimming and pruning from our experienced arborists will greatly enhance the beauty and safety of your yard. Contact us for a free inspection by one of our knowledgeable arborists.