Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the most efficient and economical way to deal with unwanted stumps. Our high horsepower grinder can blast through even the toughest stumps in a matter of minutes. Grinding leaves the subsurface roots in tact, allowing them to begin the natural process of decomposing. For roots above the surface, we recommend grinding them out so that you can plant new grass or lay sod in these areas. Nobody wants a root-infested lawn.

We offer stump grinding services in the Ogden and Layton metro areas. Allowing a stump to remain in your yard is not only hazardous but it looks messy. Grinding your stump allows you to put grass back in which beautifies your yard.

Stump Grinding

Types of Stumps We Grind

The short answer is all and any. We grind both freshly cut wood as well as aged stumps. Subsurface roots are not a problem either. We routinely follow these surface roots through the grass and eliminate them so that homeowners can fix their grass and have a nice yard again.

Difficult Accessibility

Whether your stump is on a hill or in a fenced backyard, most of the times we can do the job properly with our state of the art stump grinding equipment. Our machine is light enough that it is very low impact and rarely disturbs grass or landscaping. For stumps in difficult places like on a retaining rock wall or in a raise flowerbed, we can often access these stumps with ramps.

Wood Chips

We typically give customers both a bid to grind the stump and a bid to haul off the wood chips that stump grinding produces. Most customers prefer that we simply grind the stumps and they end up cleaning up the wood chips themselves or using them for mulch in flower or garden beds.

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