Our pricing is fairly easy to figure out. We charge just $6.00 per inch measured across the width of the stump. Just measure the width of the stump at the widest point where it touches the ground and multiply how many inches you have by $6.00. Our minimum charge is $175.

See the quick pricing below or use a calculator to figure out what it will cost you.

Quick pricing:

Minimum charge of $175 includes up to 30 inches wide.

  • 3 feet wide=$216
  • 4 feet wide=$288
  • 5 feet wide=$360
Stump Grinding Pricing

Humped Stumps, Stump Cutting, and Roots

If the ground is raised up around the stump, extend the diameter to include grinding the hump down to grade level. Make sure to always measure the widest point of the stump.

If your stump is over 6 inches high, chances are that it will need to be cut. There may be a small fee to finish cutting the stump to the ground level so that we can grind it.

There may also be an additional charge for large roots extending out beyond the width of the stump.

Here are some pictures to show you how to measure correctly.

Stump Pricing Side Measurement
Stump Pricing Top Measurement
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