Tree Cutting

We offer tree cutting throughout Layton & Ogden Utah. Our experienced arborists climb and cut trees of every kind. Whether you simply are looking for a tree service to spend a few hours cutting your trees into manageable pieces for firewood or whether you need a tree completely cut down and removed from your yard, we do it all.

We can cut your tree into pieces that will fit in your fireplace or wood burning stove and we can stack it in your garage or shed.

Tree Cutting Service
We provide tree cutting through ogden and Layton Utah. Whether it is tree damage from a storm or simply that a tree needs to go, our experienced arborists are happy to help.

Tree Felling
We provide tree felling throughout Layton & Ogden Utah and surrounding areas. We frequently receive calls from homeowners that are simply looking for a tree service with the expertise to safely fell their tree. We are happy to help.

There are several ways to fell trees safely and with minimal disturbance to landscaping and property:

We start by measuring the height of a tree as well as the distance from the trunk to any surrounding structures.

Felling with a manlift
If a tree is too tall to safely be felled, we often will bring the manlift and remove the top section of it before felling. This procedure ensures that as the tree is falling it won’t hit any fences or other structures.