We are getting a lot of calls from homeowners in Ogden, Washington Terrace, South Ogden, Layton, Bountiful, etc. who have had trees blow over in the storm of September 2020. Lots of people are just now revisiting their yard landscaping and dealing with the ugly leftover stump that is in their yard. For the vast majority of our clients, we recommend stump grinding with our 85 hp cummins diesel Vermeer stump grinder.

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Our NEW STUMP GRINDER — Enough horsepower to even pulverize even the toughest of stumps

Ogden & Layton Stump Grinding





Why stump grinding?

Stump grinding is the #1 recommended solution for stumps by tree service professionals. Grinding the stump into small pieces allows the remaining bark chips and wood pieces to decompose naturally. Landscaping can immediately be put back in place. Stump grinding is also relatively inexpensive. At a $150 minimum for a stump up to 27 inches, you can blast through many stumps in your yard at a very economical price. Stump removal by digging up the stump with an excavator usually starts at 3 times the price of stump grinding.

Another benefit of stump grinding is that the stumps can then be repurposed for another use. Many homeowners use the wood chips that stump grinding produces for their flower beds or vegetable gardens. This wood chip “mulch” blocks out sunlight that allows weeds to flourish. Wood chip mulch also helps keep moisture in the ground. This mulch will eventually decay, thus creating an organic compost that nourishes flower and vegetable gardens.

Ogden & Layton Stump Grinding

To figure out how much your stump will cost to grind, simply measure the diameter at the widest point and multiply how many inches wide it is by $5.50. So for example, a 27 inch stump would about $150, a 36 inch stump $198, a 48 inch stump $264, and a 60 inch stump $330.

Uneven Grass Due to a Tree Falling Over

Ogden & Layton Stump Grinding

When there are humps in the grass from tree roots, we can grind right through the dirt to the roots and grind the roots to shreds. This makes it so that a landscaper with a skid steer or tractor can grade the area so that it is flat and ready for new sod or other landscaping. When trees fall, they very commonly make big humps in the surrounding dirt move the dirt around. Sometimes we find little cavities of air under the ground that will later settle and create safety hazards to people walking over the grass. It is best to grind up all the remaining roots and stump and then grade the area flat and put new grass or other landscape covering in the area.